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RANGER, is a true tale of war told by Sergeant David Waterhouse recalling his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seen through the eyes of a Special Operations soldier, this first hand account documents the brutality of combat, and the raw nature of killing and death. It's a journey of innocence lost and the scars of war etched into the minds of service members. An untold account everyone should hear.

At the end August of 2021, David Waterhouse and myself sat down. Over the course of a few days we filmed a total of 8 hours for his interview. It was a story I had heard for years and knew as if it were my own. For three months we sat with the footage and didn't know how to tell this story. Till finally a night of inspiration brought us the first 10 minuets of the film. From there we knew how we were going to tell this story. We completed a version in March of 2022 at which point we began submitting it to various film festivals. What a ride we were in for. 26 Official selections, 4 semi-finalist positions, including Flickers' Rhode Island International, 4 finalist positions, an honorable mention, and 5 wins for Best Documentary. We are excited to see what 2023 has in store and to see where "Ranger" goes.  

Ranger started back in 2008 when my neighbor and long-time childhood friend returned from the war. Joining shortly after 9/11 Sergeant David Waterhouse served six tours of duty and was engaged in thousands of direct-action raids and missions. What started as a war journal and letter to his children is now an Award-Winning Documentary. Ranger has been in the making for nearly 14 years, which we spent in a garage as David told me his story and I wrote it down. 

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